Charge Control Settings for 100Ah Smart Lithium Battery

I recently purchased two Renogy 100Ah Smart Lithium Batteries that I will wire in parallel for my camper and have been looking for charge control settings for these batteries. I have a Victron MPPT controller. From your battery specifications and more detailed charge control settings on other LiFePo batteries, I have deduced the following settings. Could you please verify?

Victron Settings

Battery Voltage - 12 V

Max Current - 50 A

Bulk Time Limit - 6 hrs

Absorption Time - 2 hrs (1 hr per battery)

Absorption Voltage - 14.4 V

Float Voltage - 13.5 V

  • Michael,

    All the settings are correct except for the "Float Voltage". this Lithium battery does not require a "Float" charge, so we would recommend to either de-activate the Float charge if possible or set it to the same voltage as the absorption voltage (14.4.V). 

  • Thanks for the reply. When looking on the Victron site forums, I believe I can simply set the float voltage to zero.

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