mppt heat generation

I am trying to decide where in my trailer to mount a Rover Elite. I'm using it with two 50w panels to charge a 100Ah agm battery. I have had it out in the open air charging the battery and I have yet to notice it generating any heat to speak of. As ventilation is emphasized in the mounting instructions, I'm curious. Under what circumstances might this mppt charger generate any internal heat to require significant ventilation? High/low panel input? Battery heavily discharged/fully charged? I've not noticed any significant cooling necessary.

  • Daniel,

    The Rover's entire back piece is a heat sink for maximizing natural cooling.Ventilation is always recommended to increase controller performance as heat is the enemy and byproduct of electrical components. Increasing heat would be caused by maximizing the controller's input capability and the working mode. A combination of a discharged battery and maximum solar, something like 300W, would put the Rover at capacity. This is not to say that the controller will heat up excessively, it's just moreso to answer your curious questions. 

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