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 i have a solar setup with the following

2x 200ah renogy batteries in series - 24v system

10x 100 watt panels

renogy rover 40A

In the old manual/specs for the renogy 12V agm battery i purchased, the max charge current is 80A , in the

current specs manual for the batteries i noticed the max charge current is 60A

I am close to my max and want to add more panels.

What are my options?

Can i add a new renogy 60A onto this battery bank in parallel ? as the max charge for the battery bank is either in 24v 40A or 30A which is also a question, why did the specs change?

1 battery has a max charge current of 80Amps, do 2 batteries connected in series have a max charge current of 40 amps?

the max charge amps of both controllers 40 and 60 would then be 100 A if i connected the max  amount of panels. would it be possible?

also if i had just 1x 60A controller , would it not overcharge as the max is battery charge current is 40A ?

What happens when i charge the battery bank with for example with 100A ,and my inverter is on load, would inverter directly connected to the battery first use the amps received from the MPPT controller and the remaining would be used to charge the battery ? Does this count towards the max charge current of the battery?

Any help is much appreciated.

  • Pay attention to the color, is this what your current AGM batteries look like? 

    If the picture matches, then you definitely have the newer specs/battery so 60A is correct for these batteries in series. You will need to upgrade to a 60A Rover if you want to utilize up to 1600W in 24V. Otherwise can you describe the total amount of panels? We do not recommend a single panel system going into two charge controllers. You may split your existing panels into individual controllers for output. I would not recommend any more than 2 controllers unless they have a paralleling feature like the Rover 60 does ( you would need 2 x 60A to pair in parallel).  

  •  The batteries i got are dark ish grey .renogy 12V 200AH/10HR and in the manual of 2018 it states the max charge current for 1 battery is 80 amps.

    How does it work ? a series of the 2 batteries, has a max charge capacity of 80 amps on 24v , given the specs above or is that statement incorrect?

    i want at least 20 panels 100 watt panels.

    So my options are getting a rover that has parallel capability, and split my panels evenly onto the controllers. But what about the max amps that will go to the batteries? are the controllers smart enough to limit the charge to the batteries ? because2 rover controllers together have the capability of sending up to 120 amps to the battery bank.

  •  could you please indicate which rover controller has paralleling feature? As i do not see this in the datasheet, and how does this work ?

  • Cristepher,

    Yes the Rover will limit as long as the connection into the controller does not exceed it's voltage 100VDC (Voc of Solar Panel) or 150VDC for the Rover60/100A. A series of the 2 batteries, has a max charge capacity of 80 amps on 24v , given the specs above is the correct statement. The Rover 60 and the Rover 100 also have the paralleling feature with the 60A at 800W-12V/1600W-24V Limits and the 100A at 1300W-12V/2600W-24V limits. You connect the Rover's included parallel wires to each other to operate correctly. 

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