20 amp charge controller setup issues

I am new to using solar panels and have multiple questions. 1. Should display go out when solar panel is disconnected? 2. Why would controller show 0% battery charge but battery shows 12.6 volts? 3. I bought 25 ft mc4 cords to reach the roof( may be overkill) but when you plug the male to female + is to - instead of + to +, is that how it should be as you can't switch them cause you will have a male to male together. Also is there a way to reset an error code? My battery wasn't fully charged but I connected it and I got a error code over discharged. I disconnected it and recharge my battery to 12.6 but I'm still getting the error code so is there a way to reset that? I have a renogy 20 amp charger controller with positive ground, it is a 12/24 volt system. I have a 18.5 volt 150 watt panel and it is connected to a 12 volt battery.
  •  Your controller shouldn't go out if the battery is still connected.........

  • Connie,

    It sounds like your system is not connected properly. Use a multi-meter to make sure the correct positive and negative lines are connected to the charge controller. Additionally, the controller should light up when connected to the battery FIRST, then you can connect the panels to distinguish charging. 

  • Already did so and sent pics showing what readings were and was told to send it back. Shipped out this morning.
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