40a controller

E1 code. When I get this code and I fix the problem. Will the controller reset itself?

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  • Same- after getting E1 error message, recharging batteries to full, still getting same error E1. How to reset the charge controller?
  • Hi Amy,

    Can you ensure that your Rover 40A is set at a 12V system voltage? You will see a 12 or 24 on the screen to confirm. Additionally, you may try unplugging the controller and plugging it back to the batteries upon being sure the batteries are over 12.3V. Do they still charge?

  • My Rover Elite 40A just stopped working after 4 hours.  First day.  Now can’t return it to Amazon, have to wait for a call back from tech support after being on hold over 30 minutes just to be told that they would call back.

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